76mm Supreme SP Cat-Back Exhaust for 2017+ Honda Civic 1.5T Sport Hatchback


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Jay Sann (Gresham, US)
Greedy supreme

Awesome exhaust not too loud but enough to know It's not stock Engine also breaths better very happy

S. (Los Angeles, US)
Great exhaust

Two problems with the exhaust. 1) the app Shop was not giving me the right info and said my exhaust was delivered in San Mateo, I live in San Diego... it did however come in the estimated 5 days. 2) some of the hangers from the muffler poked out of the shipping box (could've bent the hangers or damage other boxes while shipping) While both these problems are more than likely aren't TSP’s fault, it was concerning. However, for the actual exhaust it was a b*tch of a time installing. It wasn't hard, it was just time consuming. The sound of the exhaust is amazing and very noticeable difference than stock and fitment was perfect. Not the loudest but the ideal sound for a daily driver. The worst part of the install was removing the bolts and clips from the under tray and there is this cross frame that blocks the first pipe of the exhaust to the down pipe, would recommend removing it with a 10mm.

Eldin (Corona, US)
Worth the long wait!

I wanted an exhaust that was nice sounding but not too obnoxious. This was exactly what I was looking for. I waited 2 months for it to arrive but TSP gave me updates every time I asked. The install was took me about 2 hours but was fairly easy. This is a great exhaust for the price it is at. Super satisfied with it and huge thanks to GReddy and TSP.

C.Y. (Clovis, US)
Great exhaust! Nice tone

The best sounding and priced exhuast for the 1.5t civic hatchback! I waited 10.5 weeks to finally receive this exhuast. Honestly was a bit frustrated waiting since seeing other ppl with previous reviews getting theirs a lot sooner. Despite this tho, I am very happy that once the exhuast was ready to ship, shipping was fast and I recieved it within 2 days of being notified that the exhuast was finally coming from the distributor. It was a very long wait, but sure was worth it. Installed it on my car while it was on stock tune and then after 4-5 days, I tuned my car back on the tsp stage 1. For some reason the exhaust sounded a lot louder when it was on stock tune compared to on the tsp. Don't know if the exhuast was louder due to not being broken in yet, but it was definitely a very noticable difference in loudness on stock compared to on the tsp tune. Overall I don't mind that it isn't as loud now with the tune because before while on stock tune, I noticed on the highway there was slight droning above 70mph. However with the tsp tune on now, droning is hardly noticable/minimal. The one and only thing I don't like about the exhuast is how low the exhaust sits at the connection point between the mid pipe and the muffler/tip piece. Dinged my exhuast 3 times while test driving the car after the initial install. I'm rocking eibach sports line springs. A modification I did was zip tieing the hangers from the muffler to my car, which lifted the exhaust slightly. Seemed to have done the trick. Overall, great quality exhuast!

Anthony Villanueva (Daly City, US)
Perfect without sounding like a typical Honda ricer

Not loud but good enough sound to notice it’s aftermarket. OEM and Greddy CB system weighs the same, so no gains but it is absolutely beautiful for the price point!

Daniel Bellamy (Los Osos, US)
Greddy All the way Baby!!!

Big shout of to Greddy and an even bigger shout out to TSP!!! I placed my order and the next day was told it was on back order for 1-2months. But boy oh boy did you guys come through. It came within two weeks. Install was very easy. What a brilliant product from Greddy. This exhaust is exactly what I was looking for. Beautiful sound from outside, great deep tone and hardly any drone noise inside the cabin. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS EXHAUST!!!! If ur on the fence pull the trigger. It’s totally worth it. Great customer service as always from Daniel at TSP he has always help me with any questions I have. Big Thank you again!! Ok I’m going back out to drive my car now!! ✌🏻

The legacy of the GReddy SP lives on with GReddy’s best version yet, the Supreme SP and to prove it carries a limited lifetime warranty! From the 1st flange to the new double-wall GReddy Tip, each Supreme SP system features a high-quality, hand Tig-weld 304 stainless-steel outer construction. Within the muffler, new straight-through and directed- straight-though chambered muffler designs allow GReddy to engineer a more refine exhaust note while increasing exhaust flow and performance. Classic GReddy street performance styling is maintained with excellent fitment and a stylish exhaust system layout. The Supreme SP not only designed to perform and sound great for each specific application; it matches the vehicle’s body-lines and styling.

3in oval (qty: 2 included) replacement
76mm (3in)
Sound Level
TBA dB(a)
105mm (4.1in)