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Exedy Clutch Kit Options

It is recommended to replace the OEM Release Bearing but not required if your stock bearing is still in good shape.

Stage 0 - Factory FK8 Clutch feel that holds 400 ft lbs tq

Stage 1 - Factory FK8 Clutch feel that holds 430 ft lbs tq (Rated 344tq with 25% safety factor)

Stage 2 - Upgraded FK8 Clutch with stiffer spring and 3 puck friction disc. Factory feel that holds 460 ft lbs tq (Rated 370TQ with 25% safety factor)

Each Kit Includes:

- FK8 Pressure Plate
- FK8 Friction Disc
- 1.5T Clutch Alignment Tool
- 6x Pressure Plat Bolts
- 1x Pack of Lube
- OEM 1.5T Release Bearing 

Please note, this is for the Exedy Clutch Kit and/or release bearing only. It does NOT include the RV6 Retro Flywheel. If you're looking for just the flywheel or a combo kit, please follow this link here.
These are NOT the same Exedy Clutch Stage Kits sold for the FK8. RV6 and Exedy put together these exclusive packages to work specifically for the RV6 Retro Flywheel.

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