TSP Stage 2 Flex Fuel Tune for 2017-2020 Honda Civic Si (KTuner Only)

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*When ordering, you must provide your KTuner serial number in the notes section during checkout. New tune orders are fulfilled via email every couple of hours throughout the business day.*

**This tune is for KTuner ONLY and is not offered for Hondata FlashPro**

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Two Step Performance and Derek Robinson are back with their Stage 2 Fuel Fuel Tune for the 2017 Civic Si! The tune offers an additional 88 whp and 121 ft lbs of torque in comparison to the factory ECU calibration!

Tune Comparisons:
182whp / 206tq - Factory Calibration
208whp / 258tq - Ktuner Starter 23psi
237whp / 281tq - TSP Stage 1 Tune
245whp / 278tq - Ktuner Starter 23psi w/ Flex Fuel
270whp / 327tq - TSP Stage 2 Tune w/ Flex Fuel

A flex fuel setup including an ethanol content sensor and KTuner flex fuel converter is REQUIRED to use this tune. You are not limited to using the PRL Flex Fuel Plug and Play Kit, but they make a great pair!

Tune features include:
  • Numerous fuel, ignition, turbo response, throttle response changes.
  • WOT shifting enabled (5000 RPM)
  • Adjustable launch control enabled.
  • "Rev hang" disabled with standard throttle padding. (the end user can enable "rev hang", if desired)
  • All disables / monitors are able to be adjusted by the end user.
  • Quick Boost By Gear is able to be adjusted by the end user.
  • On-the-fly boost map switching active for normal and "Sport" modes. (see below)

Map 1: Factory boost levels and turbocharger response.
Map 2: 19 psi normal, 21 psi "Sport" mode, Improved Turbocharger Response II
Map 3: 19 psi normal, custom boost level "Sport" mode, Improved Turbocharger Response II

Factory boost level in "Map 1" allows for easy "valet" mode when the KTuner unit is unplugged from the car!

Premium fuel (91 or 93 octane) is REQUIRED for gasoline use. Ethanol content should be limited to 30-40% when blending E85 with gasoline. (35% recommended)

An aftermarket clutch is STRONGLY recommended, as the stock clutch will not survive this torque level.

This tune is designed only for use with the factory turbocharger and is not suitable for used with upgraded turbochargers.

Dyno testing performed on a 2017 Civic Si with ClutchMasters FX400 and KTuner FlexFuel converter setup (stock airbox/filter, stock downpipe/front pipe, stock exhaust, stock intercooler, etc). More power/torque can be seen with better cooling and higher flow bolt-on parts.

Suitable for use with the factory intake or a QUALITY aftermarket intake that keep fuel trims in check such as the PRL Motorsports Cobra. Aftermarket downpipes are also fine.

This tune is for the 2017+ Civic Si with a flex fuel converter only. Please be sure you are purchasing the correct tune for your vehicle because digitally delivered items are non-refundable. (If you buy this for your 2016 Civic LX, it won't work, and we cannot offer a refund.)


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