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TSP Stage 1 Tune for 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T Non-Si


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Two Step Performance and Derek Robinson are now offering the long awaited TSP Stage 1 tune for the 2022+ Non-Si 1.5T Civic variants. After over 20,000 collective miles of street and dyno testing we can confidently and proudly offer the following:


Power Output:

191whp / 227tq - TSP Stage 1 Tune for 1.5T Non-Si Civic XI

154whp / 163tq - Factory Calibration

(Dyno testing was completed on an unmodified 2022 Non-Si Civic 1.5T with a CVT.)


 As you can see, we were able to achieve peak gains of 37whp and 64ft lbs of torque over the factory calibration. If you take a close look at the dyno chart you will find max gains of 56whp at 3800 RPM and 78 ft lbs of torque at 3700RPM! There is also a very nice gain of 40whp at 5600 RPM. 

Output was slightly limited to avoid risk of damage to the factory engine and transmission.


The tune features:

  • Custom fuel, ignition, and boost tables
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved turbocharger response
  • Map switching for a wide range of operating power levels (see below) 
  • All disables / monitors are able to be adjusted by the end user. (KTuner only)
  • Boost pressure limited at slow speed to aid in traction
  • Factory boost level in "Map 1" allows for easy "valet" mode when the KTuner unit is unplugged from the car.
  • This tune is compatible with basic bolts on parts such as quality air intake systems, downpipes, intercoolers, exhaust systems, etc.


Map 1:  Stock boost targets
Map 2:  16.5psi boost target in normal/Sport, stock boost in Eco
Map 3:  Custom boost target in normal/Sport, 16.5psi target in Eco

For Map Switching, please see this link for the KTuner On The Fly Map Switching Instructions.

Premium fuel (91 or 93 octane) is REQUIRED. This tune is not compatible with E85 "Flex Fuel".

We caution prospective customers to not get too caught up in "stage numbers" when it comes to product names as this type of nomenclature has no standardized meaning and can be defined differently from one person to another. 


If you see an 'x' in the software number in the menu above, that is a variable. This means that 5AA-A0X is compatible with 5AA-A01, 5AA-A02, etc:


How to check your software version:

  • Open Ktuner software
  • Click on "Tools" in menubar
  • Select "KTuner Unit Info" option
  • Check the number under the "Software" heading
  • Verify against our list above starting at the '5' in your software number

**This is not the same as your ECU hardware number on the outside of your ECU.**


This tune is for the 2022+ Civic 1.5T Non-Si only (LX, EX, Hatchback Sport, Hatchback Sport Touring, etc). Please be sure you are purchasing the correct tune for your vehicle and software number because digitally delivered items are non-refundable. (If you buy this for your 2019 Civic Sport with the 2.0L motor, it won't work, and we cannot offer a refund.)

Click here for our installation guide.

Orders placed during business hours are typically emailed the same day, otherwise they are filled the following business day.

If you are ordering for a FlashPro device, please select "FlashPro" in the software version dropdown menu. FlashPro tune orders may be slightly delayed due to the process required to build your custom file. Hondata FlashPro users should also note that we are NOT offering a secondary O2 disable service for this tune, which means you are not able to use this tune with a downpipe that does not meet emission standards. 

By purchasing this tune you are agreeing to the terms found within our site policies.