February, 2024
Derek Trent | 30 | Houston, TX
I unfortunately lost my 2015 Honda Civic Si Coupe due to someone’s mistake; they turned into my lane in late 2019 and I was put out of a car for 3 years. Around the 2022 mark, I had come across the new body style of Civics. I was immediately attracted to the gentleman’s approach over the previous. Little did I know, we had a 2023 Honda Civic Si sitting on the showroom floor. Now I love the number 3 for Dale Earnhardt Sr., this Civic year being 202’3’, plus turning 30, yes please! This Civic Si is also the first car that I’ve bought brand new on my own.

PRL High Volume Intake
PRL Resonator Delete Kit
Black Tuner Style Lug Nuts
Type-S FD Pro Series LED Underglow Kit
KTuner V2
TSP Stage 1 Tune
Future Modifications:
Clutch Kit
Big Brake Kit

So of course, how it started was to personalize it. My favorite modification, to date, has been the KTuner V2 from Two Step Performance! The display really does help with monitoring multiple temps and helps add to that classic 90’s style of big gauges on the dashboards and pillars. I love how user friendly the KTuner system is. The next few ideas for mods I am considering would be an RV6 1.5T FK8 Retro Clutch Kit and a set of coilovers not just to drop, but for track performance soon as a double. The brakes are now a must. Prior to that of course, they tend to be a little below par. So far, I can say I have done all modifications myself. I really appreciate the help from Savannah with the plug and play KTuner, works great!

Some lowlights with the car have been the lack of factory fog lights compared to the Canadian specifications.  As for the highlights, the ability to change between driving modes is great. The BOSE audio system works exceptionally well, and the drive is smooth. The transmission feels great. The turbo sounds amazing, once I opted for the PRL Resonator Delete Kit and the PRL High Volume Intake upgrade. My favorite memory is purchasing it brand new with only 3 miles on it, as it further signaled to me a meaningful chapter in my life. My least favorite memory with the car so far does not exist. My biggest setback to date has been finding enough time to do more to the car with the limited amount of time I have. 
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