March, 2024
Dustin Webb | 34 | Hagerstown,MD
After having a Mitsubishi Lancer for 10 years, I was looking to get out of it and to get into something with a bit more “go” and modification capabilities. Modifying the Civic was one of the reasons why I bought the car in the first place. I had gone to school with a lot of people with Hondas and had seen them modify them cosmetically and mechanically. Some of the highlights definitely have to be the redesign of the 11th generation Civic’s exterior; I think it looks way better than the previous generation. The interior of the Si is on point and the assisted cruise has been an unexpected blessing. Lowlight has definitely been wireless CarPlay. I’ve had issues with it resetting a lot! 

My favorite memory so far would have to be the night an R8 V10 and I were cutting nicely. It was fun to watch him pull away in the straights, but when we hit corners, the Civic was able to pull back up smoothly. The biggest setback with this car is 1, learning how long the build is going to take and 2, how long it’s been to wait for the aftermarket to actually develop parts for this car. At this point, we’re starting to get a nice selection, but the market is still waiting on a few major pieces.


Cosmetically, I've done everything myself. As for under the hood, I’ve left it to the pros, but have planned out all the steps with them. My favorite modification is the GIN Ball Bearing Turbo from 27WON. It really elevates the car to a different level. The next two modifications are the Hondata Fuel System, and then my cousin and I will be pulling the engine to send out for its first rebuild. I will unfortunately be without the Si for a solid 3 months, but it should be pretty after it gets back, so stay tuned!

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