TSP Stage Tunes Install Guide for KTuner or Hondata

Installing a TSP Stage Tune is a quick and easy way to add a significant amount of power to your 2016+ Honda/Acura equipped with a turbocharged engine. We currently offer tunes for the following vehicles:

    If you have not made your purchase yet, please be sure to do the following:
    1. Make sure the tune you purchase is compatible with your vehicle and it's modifications.
    2. Be sure to include your KTuner or Hondata device serial number in the "Special Instructions" section at checkout.
    After your purchase is made, you will receive the tune file via email. After you receive this email, please complete the following steps:
    1. Make sure that your KTuner or Hondata software and device have all available updates installed.
    2. Download the file to your PC, be sure to take note of where you downloaded it.
    3. Open your KTuner or Hondata PC software
    4. Within the KTuner or Hondata software, click on "File" in the menu bar, and then select "Open" or "Open Tune"
    5. At this point, the tune will load. You may be presented with notes regarding the tune, if so, click "OK" to continue. 
    6. Connect your KTuner or Hondata device
    7. We strongly recommend having a battery charger connected to your car's battery throughout the flashing process. This prevents ECU voltage drops that otherwise could possibly caused a failed flash. 
    8. Click on the "Up Arrow" button in the toolbar to upload the tune to your device, or directly to your ECU if you are also connected to your vehicle.
    ** Please note that our KTuner stage tunes utilize their on the fly map switching feature and you must switch to map slot 3 to access the max power setting of your tune. (More details in the KTuner notes section below) The "Sport" button also increases power further on Si models. **
    If you have any device specific questions, we encourage you to please visit the online help sections of KTuner or Hondata:


    KTuner Notes:

    • Our KTuner maps take full advantage of their exclusive On the Fly Map Switching feature. Typically, we leave Map Slot 1 as a stock (or near stock) Map, Map Slot 2 with a bit more power, and Map Slot 3 as our full power custom tune. If you are not familiar with how to utilize this feature, instructions are available here.
    • Our tunes also enable KTuner's On the Fly Adjustable Launch Control, details can be found here.
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