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2015-2021 Subaru WRX FA20DIT Front Mount Intercooler Kit w/ Bumper Beam


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Fits all 2015-2021 Subaru WRX FA20DITOverview

Technical Notes:

No cutting or trimming is required, our kit was designed to work and fit with all OEM components, as well as most aftermarket parts like intakes, bypass valves and many more! This kit is intended to allow customers to run higher boost levels and timing without the heat-soak / knock of a little turbo being run out of efficiency through a TMIC for extended periods of time. From our experience, a stock location charge pipe kit will gain 20-35 hp/tq. An efficient aftermarket TMIC will typically pick up 15-30 hp/tq on these cars due to the engine's ability to run more timing and peak boost safely, where the factory pieces would cause detonation (Subarus' biggest enemy). Our FMIC kit saw an additional 25 hp and 35 ft/lbs of torque at peak and over 50 hp/tq throughout midrange by drastically decreasing temps and allowing us to run more timing and boost safely in comparison to a car that ALREADY had a charge pipe kit and Turbo XS TMIC. This would equate to roughly 60-75 hp (and even more tq) and over 100 hp/tq throughout the midrange to the wheels in comparison to cars with stock charge pipe and intercooler.

Where our kit really shined was with back-to-back testing. Usually these cars end up heat-soaking after repetitive dyno pulls or spirited driving and lose power as the ECU begins to pull timing. Our kit makes consistent power, even after abuse; great news for racers! All dyno pulls were within a couple horsepower / torque of each other.

Performance Gains:

  • 25-40 hp / tq and even more mid-range gains without a tune in comparison to stock intercooler and stock charge pipe
  • 60-75 hp / tq and even more mid-range gains with supporting mods after tune in comparison to stock intercooler and stock charge pipe
  • 25 hp and 35 ft/lbs with over 50 hp/tq mid-range gains in comparison to aftermarket TMIC and charge pipe upgrade
  • Increased turbo spool
  • Drastically decreased air temps and engine knock
  • Improved power-consistency

Kit Includes:

  • 600hp core intercooler w/ end tank dividers
  • Bumper beam
  • Powdercoated steel intercooler mounting brackets
  • Bead-rolled and powder coated black aluminum intercooler piping featuring our machined billet compressor outlet flange
  • High-quality 4-ply PRL silicone couplers
  • Stainless T-bolt clamps
  • Vacuum Lines
  • Zipties
  • Recirculation hoses with stainless clamps
  • Machined washer fluid neck
  • Intake mounting bracket w/ hardware
  • All necessary hardware for installation
  • Logo Stencil