Cortex EBC Complete Kit - 3 Port


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The Cortex EBC Complete Kit includes everything required for a full controller installation on most vehicles. This kit is intended for those who are installing a turbo on a previously naturally aspirated engine or who require a boost control solenoid, hose, fittings, etc. for a complete installation.


Compatible with internal and external wastegates.
Used to control pressure application to a single wastegate port.
Provides better control accuracy and resolution than 4-Port BCS.
Capable of producing boost levels at least 2 times greater than wastegate spring pressure on most applications.
Limited ability to counteract boost taper caused by exhaust manifold back pressure without the use of CO2 or compressed air.

  • Cortex EBC Device 1
  • Cortex EBC Wiring Harness 1
  • 3-Port or 4-Port BCS 1
  • 6-foot USB Mini-B Cable 1
  • 1/8 ID Silicone Vacuum Hose 10 feet
  • 3/16 ID Silicone Vacuum Hose 6 feet
  • 1/8 Hose Barb (1/8 NPT Male) 1
  • 3/16 Hose Barb (1/8 NPT Male) 3
  • 1/8 Hose Tee 1
  • 3/16 Hose Tee 2
  • 3/16 to 1/8 Hose Reducer 1
  • Zip Ties 12